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 Welcome to Barn of Angels!

Barn of Angels is a mother/daughter venture. The business is primarily owned by the daughter. Mom is here to help with the business end of things.

*All animals listed for sale will be clearly, and honestly represented. (Sex, flaws, etc.)
*If you make a deal to pick up animals, your animals will be sorted, and ready to go when you arrive.
*If you are coming to pick out animals, they will be sorted by sex, if applicable, and WE will run around in the pen and catch the ones you want.
*We will always do our best to maintain quick, and friendly communication.

The Daughter: Johnna is the primary owner, and caretaker of the birds. She is almost 17 years old. During the week she maintains an awesome high school career, and is typically on the 'A' honor roll.

Evenings and weekends are spent working with, and learning more about, her birds. She is very passionate about the birds, and has her whole heart invested in each one. They are her "babies".

She occasionally peppers in a social life. But surprisingly enough, this teenager takes her business pretty seriously, and sacrifices a lot of social life for her critters.

When you send questions about bird stuff (care, maintenance, breeding, etc.) via Facebook, Website, and Ebay, Johnna is the one who will answer your questions. She is very professional, and has done her homework. Rest assured you are getting top notch information.

The Mother: Laurie is the accountant, and business manager. She is a stay at home mom, dog breeder, and farm manager for the entire place. She also has a small pet apparel store (Layla's Closet).

Laurie oversees auctions, pricing, and orders/shipping. She also enjoys collecting the eggs. "It's like an Easter egg hunt every morning!"

When you send questions about shipments, prices, or website/Ebay issues, Laurie is the one who will answer you.

Together: Laurie & Johnna share many duties as well, including: Photography, Web Design, Bird Care, Feeding/Watering, & Hatches!

We have decided to focus on what we have, and not let this operation get much bigger. The animals enjoy much better care, when there aren't an overwhelming number of them. We realize that this makes it hard to keep up with demand sometimes. But we would much rather breed for quality, than quantity.

We look forward to serving you, Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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If you need something else, please e-mail us at that_crazy_bird_chick@yahoo.com

If you do not get a response, please check your bulk/spam folder.

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