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We are currently rearranging our barn. Links to all new albums will be added as they are made. A list of what we will be offering is below. Thanks for your patience!

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Birds, Chicks & Hatching Eggs For Sale

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Our new breeding flocks will be as follows:

1. 1 frizzled Polish rooster over 6 smooth Polish hens. Large fowl, variety of colors.

2. 1 smooth Polish rooster over 6 smooth and frizzled hens. Large Fowl, variety of colors.

3. 1 Frizzled Bearded Silkie (Sizzle) rooster over 6 bearded Silkie hens. Variety of colors.

4. 1 Bearded Silkie rooster over 6 Bearded Silkie and Sizzle hens. Variety of colors.

5. 1 White Crested Black Polish rooster, over 3 White Crested Black Polish hens. Show and breeder quality. Large Fowl.

6. 1 White Bearded Silkie rooster, over 3 White Bearded Silkie hens. Show and Breeder Quality.

7. 1 Orpington Rooster over 4 Orpington Hens. Large Fowl. English and American Lines. Variety of Colors.

8. There will be 4 breeder cages available for projects. One pair per cage. The project cages will all be in one album.

9. I have Call ducks and Seramas on site. However I have no future plans to breed them. Hatching eggs, and/or chicks/ducklings, available by special order only.